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Technology has been an interest and passion ever since I was of a young age and I continually seek to improve myself in this passion every day. I am passionate about many other topics including cyber security, robotics, and computer hardware/software. My aspirations for my future career are to successfully graduate with my chosen degree, and to seek employment in the computing field which allows me to experience first-hand skills and challenges. From this, I hope to utilise the skills I have gained to create my own business. I stand out from the crowd as I am a very motivated and driven in everything I complete; I never leave anything uncompleted and always look to find new ways to better myself and my learning. Above all this, I am very hardworking and resilient and always overcome adversity.


Portfolio Website

The current website you are on, was custom built by me. I used a bootstrap template and added some features: Access Code Login, Secure PDF Download, reCAPTCHA API and Contact Section. This was all achieved using Bootstrap, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


RoboCup Maze

I competed in 2020 Maze RoboCup, in which I placed 4th overall

More Information can be found here: RoboCup Website

You can find all my code at my github page Github Page

Custom Built Electronic Watch

I am working on a custom built electronic watch, I designed the PCB board and have soldered all SMD components.


3D Printed Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I have created a fully working bluetooth speaker using a bluetooth module, two speakers and batterys. Which can be connected to a bluetooth device to play music.

3D Printed Retro Game Player

3D Printed Retro Game Player

I soldered and 3D printed a portable retro gaming console. I followed an adafruit page. Tutorial Page


Created An iPhone Game

I coded and uploaded an iPhone game called Grandpa Run to the app store using xcode with the language swift. You can download my app here.

Jailbreak Tweak

Jailbreak Tweak Guide

I created a jailbreak tweak guide on my github page, which describes how to create a tweak for a jailbroken phone, with the example of creating a tweak that makes the dock transparent.(Github Guide)

Intel Nuc Hackintosh

Intel Nuc Hackintosh

I made a hackintosh, which is a computer thats runs MacOS software on non-apple products. I made a step by step guide on my Github (Github Guide) on how to make a hackintosh computer on an Intel Nuc which runs three OS being MacOS Mojave, Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

8-Bit Computer

I built a programmable 8-bit computer from scratch on breadboards using only simple logic gates. It is able to be programmed, using opcode which I created using a EEPROM programmer and Arduino. Some of the programs which I have created include: Basic arithmetic for two numbers, fibonacci sequence and arithmetic sequences.

Quick Scribble App

Quick Scribble is a drawing app created to be used with iPads and the apple pencil. It has a near infinite canvas to allow multiple creations, and when released was in the top 100 charts for Graphics & Design reaching a top rank of 86. You can download the app here. You can download the app here.

Contact Marcus

If you have any questions you can contact me anytime :)

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